UN urges Kiev to provide Donbass residents open access to pensions and social benefits

The United Nations urges Ukraine to repeal the Verkhovna Rada Resolution No. 365, which restricts the right of Donbass residents to receive their earned pensions, Chairman of the UN monitoring mission Fiona Fraser stated at a briefing in Kiev.

"Six hundred thousand people who live in settlements close to the demarcation line continue to face daily difficulties. In addition to the daily threat of life, they suffer from limited access to medical, emergency situations and main services."

She noted that there had been no progress in ensuring the effective resumption of human rights and compensation for the property damaged in the armed conflict, and people in the conflict zone "face financial problems, have no shelter and feel abandoned by the [Ukrainian] state."

"The situation is being further exacerbated by the state policy and legislation of Kiev.

We continue to urge Ukraine to eliminate the connection between access to pension and registration of the status of an internally displaced person, which is established on the basis of the Verkhovna Rada Decree No. 365. We advocate peace and ties improvement between people, but not their forcible separation," Fraser said.

DONi News Agency