UN peacekeepers at Russia-Ukraine Border in Donbass ‘off the table’ – Kremlin

The issue of deploying a UN peacekeeping mission at the Russian-Ukrainian border in Donbass is off the table as it would be contradicting the Minsk agreements on the ceasefire in Donbass, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday.

"The Russian proposal in its essence stipulates that this UN mission would be able to ensure the security of the OSCE mission personnel in the areas where this OSCE personnel are performing their function. They mainly perform their functions on the demarcation line," Peskov told reporters, answering a question as to whether the Kremlin’s position on the UN peacekeepers in Donbass had changed.

The Kremlin spokesman pointed out that the concept concerned the deployment of the UN peacekeepers at the contact line for ensuring the OSCE staff security and not at the Russian-Ukrainian border in Donbass.

"The deployment of any missions at the border, as strictly stipulated by the Minsk agreements, would contradict the Minsk agreements. What is essential, is that in any case, any aspects of any missions' work are of course a subject to approval by the sides in the conflict, namely Kiev and the Donbass republics," Peskov added.

According to Sputnik

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