Ukrainians sell their organs – SBU

SBU (the Ukrainian security service) together with the police detained the traffickers of the Ukrainians' organs. This was reported by the press service of the service.

Notably, second-hand dealers sought out poor citizens in Ukraine and offered them to sell a kidney. After that, organs were exported abroad, where the deal was made. At the same time, donors received several times less money than second-hand dealers.

"To cover up the illegal business, the organizers created a commercial structure that supposedly provided medical tourism services. Donors were paid from thirteen to fifteen thousand US dollars, while dealers received from eighty to one hundred thousand from a client. After obtaining the donors' consent, the perpetrators sent them abroad for surgical operations. According to the intelligence service, 4-5 Ukrainians went abroad for the operation every month," the report said.

Now six organ dealers face from 8 to 15 years of jail with confiscation of property.

DONi News Agency