Ukrainian special ops unit arrives in Mariupol to suppress conflicts between AFU & nationalistic battalions

Kiev has redeployed additional forces to Donbass to suppress conflicts between servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and nationalistic groupings, the DPR Operational Command, Vice-Commander Eduard Basurin states. 

“AFU Brigades' Commanders, dislocated in the so-called “ATO” zone, are concerned  about  increase in a number of armed clashes with nationalists and about cases of their insubordinate conduct. Deployment of the military police's special forces units from other regions of Ukraine is held to stabilize the situation and pacify dissatisfied nationalists. In particular, a military police unit arrived in Mariupol from Uzhgorod,” said the Vice-Commander. 

He pointed out that the special ops unit had been ordered to disarm disagreeing gunmen and block actions of some representatives of nationalistic battalions. 

Apart from it, according to the Vice-Commander, AFU General Staff prepares to abolish separate volunteer nationalistic battalions.  

DONi News Agency