Ukrainian soldier address LPR Home affairs Ministry complaining on military hazing

The Ukrainian soldier called the LPR Ministry of Home Affairs’ hot line to complain on the vexations on the part of the commanders, military hazing and banning of mobile communication and internet usage. Apart from it, the soldier confessed committing robbery, reports the public relations department of the LPR Home Affairs Ministry.  

“On May 17, a man who introduced himself as Mikhail Starkov, the 14th separate mechanized brigade’s common soldier, called the LPR Internal affairs ministry’s hot line. Thickly, he told about the vexations on the part of the commanders: cavils, military hazing and malfeasance, which take place in the Ukrainian units. Apart from it, according to Starkov, the command took away mobile phones, smart phones and other gadgets from soldiers, thus closing the access to the internet and social networks. As a result, soldiers cannot contact their relatives and friends, as mobile phones are given only to make short calls in an officer’ presence,” reported the Ministry’s representative.

The Command itself, according to Starkov, uses some special limitless communications. The LPR Home Affairs Ministry managed to detect, that under ‘special communication’ is meant the IP- telephony “Farlep-Telecom”, which uses the cryptographic protection of the automated control system (ACS) "Dnepr".

Answering the question how did the soldier managed to call the hot line considering all the facts, Starkov confessed he took the phone of some local citizen on the eve.

“While talking, the man behaved rude, swore a lot underlining that he knew that the phone calls were to be recorded and he was not afraid of the consequences. In the end of the phone call he asked “to send his greetings to his comrades from military unit A-1008 of the city of Vladimir-Volynsky””, added the Ministry’s representative.

DONi News Agency