Ukrainian snipers shoot at children going to school – DPR defender

The DPR locality of Yasnoye undergoes regular Ukrainian shelling, moreover, AFU snipers conducted at a time when children are going to school, a DPR Armed Forces' soldier with a call sign "Kipish" told in an interview to a military correspondent of the DPR Army's press service at the forefront in the vicinity of ​​Yasnoye locality.

"We are at the positions of the Donetsk People's Republic, which, they said, were seized by the far-right fighters of the Azov and Aidar nationalist bsttslions. This position is ours, no one has surrounded us, everything is in place here.

As for the war, warehouses have recently exploded in Vinnitsa and they immediately began shooting, passed to the use of tanks, 120-mm mortars, artillery, fire with shrapnel. Two days ago a shelling was carried out with a D-30 howitzer, loaded with shrapnel, a shell exploded in the air and a civilian was killed by striking elements near Yasnoye locality.

You may talk to civilians, they will tell you how the AFU fighters strike at their homes by direct fire. Sniper attacks have become more frequent, they shoot with long-range rifles. Sniping begins under the cover of machine-gun fire.

They shoot at the town, they are not confused by the fact that children are going to school. The heaviest shelling starts from 18-30 and up to one o'clock in the morning, they work from IFV-1, IFV-2, anti-tank grenade launchers and small arms.

The aggravation of the situation is due to the fact that Poroshenko benefits from the war: he is enriched at the expense of it, Firtash and Kolomoisky also have their own interests in the cause. Heavy bombardments are advantageous for them, they make money money on sponsored funds received from America and Europe.

Behind me there is a position at a distance of 700 meters, you can see their turrets, this weaponry is forbidden by the Minsk accords and should be kept in places of permanent storage. We will burn their tanks once the command is given," the serviceman said.

DONi News Agency