Ukrainian radicals tell who may become “new Maidan’s force”

Former participants of the Donbass hostilities may become the main propulsion of the new Maidan, reports the “National Corpus” party’s head, Andrey Biletsky.

However, according to Biletsky, they won’t be driven by power struggle.

“Can you imagine “Azov” or “Donbass”, veterans of the 79th air cavalry brigade and others standing for Avakov and against Poroshenko, for instance?”, underlined Biletsky.

According to him, no change of power in Ukraine will occur as a result of a military coup.

“You see, we are not in Latin America to hold coups by the pattern “military men came, sealed off the presidential palace…” Philistines might have liked it, but it is very unrealistic. That’s all quite amusing, but only such people as Vadim Rabinovich cam talk about that, for it can provide a good rating, but it is totally unreal. Internal explosion is the only possible thing,” claimed Biletsky.

On the eve, several thousand people with the flags of nationalist parties the "National Corps" (created on the basis of the Azov National Battalion, against which the criminal case has been initiated in Russia), “Svoboda”, as well as the movements "New Forces Movement ", "Batkivshina", "Samopomosh" and a number of public organizations started a protest action near the Verkhovna  Rada.

The protesters demand to cancel the parliamentary immunity, change the electoral legislation and create an anti-corruption court.

Saakashvili said that if their demands are not met, the demonstrators will insist on the president’s resignation. On Tuesday evening, between the protesters and law enforcement officers, several clashes occurred.

DONi News Agency