Ukrainian propagandist: Transcarpathia to follow Crimea, Donbass

According to the head of the public organization "Ukrainian People's Council of the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions" Fedorchuk, any region of Ukraine may leave just like the Crimea and Donbass if local elites rebel against Kiev, and law enforcement agencies will support them. He noted that Transcarpathia was closer to this step than any other region of Ukraine among those left.

"All those people who represented the local authorities became ideal collaborators. This is a very serious signal for the entire Ukraine, showing the power we possess, the quality of those people responsible for security, defense, cities’ productivity and so on.

Such a scenario is quite possible to be played again. There is not even about a border with Russia – there is no border with Russia in Transcarpathia, but looking at the activities of various groups there, I can not say that Transcarpathia has become safer," Fedorchuk was quoted as saying.

It is also worth noting that, among other things, Kiev fears the worsening of the Hungarian issue in Transcarpathia. Ukrainian Nazis attacked the Hungarian youth in May. Earlier Hungarian activists installed stelae with inscriptions in Hungarian in the Vinogradovsky and Beregovsky districts of the Transcarpathian region. Representatives of local national organizations called the installation of stelas a step in the struggle for their rights. In response, the authorities staged repressions against Hungarian activists.

In particular, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained the head of the Beregovo District Council Yosef Shin and Deputy Otto Vash on suspicion of separatism. This summer, Ukrainian Nazis’ fighting squads together with the ‘ATO’ veterans were sent to Transcarpathia to prepare for the suppression of a probable Hungarian uprising.

For many years, Ukrainian Hungarians have dreamed of autonomy. The Hungarian community plays an important role in the country. Not so long ago, Hungarians opposed the law on language quotas on TV. A few days ago, Hungary protested to Ukraine regarding the deprivation of national minorities' right to receive education in their native language.

DONi News Agency