Ukrainian policemen rob Canadian instructor who came to teach them

In Kiev, the police robbed their colleague from Canada, who came to Ukraine to train law enforcement officers, reported by "".

According to the publication, the crime occurred back on April 22, but a notification of suspicion was handed to one of the Ukrainian police officers only in August.

The incident occurred with the participation of the employees of the Pechersk district department of the Kiev police protection department. The police, on a far-fetched occasion, checked the documents of a Canadian citizen. Then one of them invited the foreigner to the office car, where he took away his money and a credit card. After that, the attackers left, leaving the man on the street.

As it turned out, the Canadian came to Ukraine as part of a police mission, which trains cadres for the patrol police. The Ukrainian guards, according to the investigation, have stolen about 1400 grivnas (about 3150 rbl. - ed.) from their colleague. The criminal case was initiated under the article "Robbery". This investigation is monitored by the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine.

DONi News Agency