Ukrainian Nazis’ symbols turn up at opposition rallies in Serbia

Symbols of Ukrainian Nazis were detected during rallies of oppositional youth in Serbia, held here after the presidential election and victory of the ex-premier Aleksandar Vučić in the campaign, Serbian political scientist Dragan Stanojević told the Izvestia newspaper, noting that the demonstrations coincided in time with the visit to the country of the infamous US Senator John McCain.

"Already a week after the beginning of the current wave of protests, it became clear that all this was organized, and the youth’s discontent was already controlled by certain centres. Some opposition leaders, well-known leaders of Western-backed non-governmental organizations, have shown up at the protests already. Another example: suddenly, at the front of the protesters’ column, one group begins to ‘hop’, shouting "the one who doesn't hop is Vučić." This proves that in the crowd there were certain ringleaders. That is, in fact, all this is very similar to the ‘Maidan technology’," says the author.

"Another confirmation of the fact that the ‘Ukrainian scenario’ is being attempted here, in the Balkans: during the demonstrations there show up people with blatantly Nazi symbols, in T-shirts with the inscriptions "Glory to Ukraine" and "Glory to Azov" and with this Battalion’s coat of arms, which is absolutely unacceptable for the Serbs.

These people are familiar to me, as they have repeatedly directed their threats against me. We are perfectly aware of what they are ready for, due to the Maidan events. And there is no guarantee that such a scenario is not being prepared in my country.

It was especially interesting for me to watch how the events in Serbia were assessed by the Ukrainian media. Naturally, all the ‘cutting-edge’ Ukrainian publications came out with joyous headlines a la "Serbs are unhappy with Putin's friend," Stanojević describes the situation.

DONi News Agency