Ukrainian miners strike underground due to non-payment of salaries

Some workers of the Kapustin and Novodruzheskaya mines, located in Lisichansk, which is the Lugansk region under Ukraine's control, are striking because of non-payment of salaries. This was reported by the chairman of the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine Volynets on Facebook.

"According to the updated data at 9:00 am in the mines of the state enterprise "Lisichanskugol" the situation is the following: the administration of the association prohibited the miners of other shifts to descend a shaft. The wage debt is 3.5 monthly fund," Volynets wrote.

"31 miners at the Kapustin mine remain underground for the third day. Since July 16, at the Novodruzheskaya mine, 21 miners remain underground too," Volynets added.

According to him, a group of activists of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, led by the deputy chairman of the ITUM Abramov, arrived at the State Enterprise Lisichanskugol.

Notably, in May, a similar underground strike was held by the miners of Krivoy Rog. The miners demanding payment of wages seized the ArcelorMittal plant management.

DONi News Agency