Ukrainian miners go on strikes due to salaries’ non-payment

The Head of the Ukrainian Miners’ Independent Trade Union Mikhail Volynets stated that “the situation with paying out salaries has aggravated at mines and if the authorities don’t solve this problem, in November, new protest-actions might take place.” Besides, the miners of the Novolynskaya state-owned mine have gone on strike. 

“A strike has started at the Novovolynskaya mine No. 9. The miners demand that the Ukrainian authorities settle salary arrears for August and September,” wrote Volynets on his Facebook page on Wednesday. 

According to him, over the past several days, the situation at the mines of the state-owned enterprises aggravated again. 

In particular, the first-shift miners of the Novolynskaya mine No.9 stopped unloading coal to consumers and the miners of the Novogrodovskaya 1/3 mine in the Kiev-controlled part of the Donetsk region are waiting for salaries, but they can come out on strike as well. 

Besides, the miners of the Lisichanskugol state-owned enterprise are ready for going on strike as well, if they are not paid out salaries as soon as possible.

DONi News Agency