Ukrainian military block Vesti newspaper's Office in Kiev

Investigators of the Ukrainian prosecutor's office have blocked the office of the Vesti newspaper in Kiev, the Vesti editor-in-chief Oksana Omelchenko states.

"The Ukrainian military do not let journalists who need to go on the air go to work" Omelchenko wrote on Facebook.

According to her, the investigators of the military prosecutor's office threaten journalists and block their work since the morning.

Besides, the Ukrainian military used CS gas against the journalists of the Ukrainian Newspaper Vesti.

"We began to ask questions about whether we could pick up things, why the Ukrainian military took the armature with them and who they were in general, because, judging by the kit, they were representatives of the security company. In response, we were sprayed with tear gas canisters, " the Vesti website quotes the editorial staff.   

The number of victims is not indicated. Journalists complain of severe headache and dizziness.

This is not the first time that media activities in Ukraine have been hampered. Law enforcement officers repeatedly raided the Vesti newspaper editorial office, as well as the Strana publication.

DONi News Agency