Ukrainian MIA offers to imprison people for insulting Euromaidan

Advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak believes that for the insult and the blaming of Euromaydan, it is necessary to introduce criminal responsibility in Ukraine.

"There is a deep conviction for the insult and reproach of the "Revolution of Dignity"(this is how the Euromaidan is called in Ukraine - ed.) It has long been necessary to impose criminal responsibility for it. The price was too high for that victory, the price of human life, the blood of Ukrainian patriots, suffice it to mention the fact that tens of thousands of Maidan activists continue to defend our land in the zone of active hostilities today," Shkiryak said on 112 Ukraine TV channel.

According to Shkiryak, "some television channels and some TV channel owners are engaged in absolutely anti-state activities. The deputy minister probably spoke about the deputy of the Rada Eugeny Murayev, to whom NewsOne belongs.

"There must be real legal mechanisms... I hope that the situation will be solved in a normal legal field," he added.

On Sunday evening, unknown persons in balaclavas blocked the building of the Ukrainian news channel NewsOne in Kiev, explaining this by disagreeing with his policy and demanding an apology from the deputy of the parliament and the owner of the television channel Eugeny Murayev, who previously called the Euromaidan a "coup d'état."

DONi News Agency