Ukrainian Maidan supporter involved in terrorism taken into custody in Minsk

Overnight to February 11 Ukrainian nationalistic writer Sergey Zhadan was taken into custody in Minsk and given the prohibition to enter Belarus again.

It was written on Zhdan’s facebook page.

“Here’s the funny story, that happened to me today in Minsk.  About 2 am the police, serious and concentrated,  came into my hotel room. Without explanations, they took me to the police station and started to search for my name in the base, found nothing. Then they called to Committee for State security, and were advised to take me to the Leninsky police department. In Leninsky department the story with data base took place again. Finally, I was explained that I was prohibited to come to the Russian territory (what a pity!) because I was “involved in the terrorist activity”. And as Belarus and Kazakhstan are in the same visa zone with Russia (unfortunately), the prohibition automatically spreads on their territories too,” said he.

According to Zhdan he had to spend the night in a cell

“They were writing a lot of explanatory reports in the morning, were asking me about terrorism. After all they just gave me the prohibition to enter Belarus for indefinite term,” said the writer.

Meanwhile it was reported to the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry that Ukrainian consul in Belarus was trying to clarify the circumstances and reasons of Zhdan’s arrest.

It should be reminded that Sergey Zhdan strongly supported Maidan and took place in the fight in Kharkov between Anti-Maidan movement and the Pravy Sector representatives.

DONi News Agency