Ukrainian hacker brags about attack on Russian governmental sites

Eugen Dokukin the head of the “Web security” project bragged about the organisation of the hacker group and conducting the attacks on the Russian governmental establishments’ sites.

Dokukin said that in June 2014 he had created the volunteer organisation “Ukrainian Cyber army”. Since that time “cyber warriors” succeeded to block 420 “terrorists’ bank accounts”, which contained 17 millions of dollars, close 141 sites, complaining on them and blocked with DDoS attacks 171 “Russian terrorists’ site”.

“Cyber warriors” were also involved in the attacks on Russian governmental sites. So far, they’ve got 1000 Gb of hacked sites, servers and mails data.

Dokukin had also announced the Ukrainian hacked resources’ statistics.

From 2001 to 2015 Ukrainian governmental sites were attacked 819 times, which comprise 10% of the general number of Ukrainian sites’ attacks, and in 2015 the governmental resources were attacked 110 times.

According to Dokukin, foreign hackers had attacked 84 Ukrainian sites on Ukrtelecom server, including 57 governmental sites.

45 sites were hacked in January 2017, when among the others the Defence Ministry’s Head Intelligence Office site underwent the attack.

“Generally, hackers' attacks on Ukrainian sites are conducted not by Russians, the number of attacks on the Russian part slightly increased only since 2014. I’m talking about governmental sites”,  he said.

The Defence Ministry’s Head Intelligence Office site was hacked by Arab hackers (Anonymous Arabs). Quite frequently Ukrainian governmental sites are hacked by Turks.

“Turkey – is a NATO country. We have such a cooperation with NATO. I have been noticing the Turks activity since 2008. Turks and Anonymous Arabs are just practicing in that way (attacking Ukrainian governmental resources)”, claims Eugen Dokukin.

He assumes that Ukrtelecom server was hacked by Anonymous Arabs, and the attack on Ukrainian energy system in December 2015 (“Prykarpatieoblenergo”) and in December 2016 (“Kievoblenergo”) were committed by the Russian hackers.

“These cases testified that Russia had started the real Cyber war. These are the first cases in the world, when energy system objects were hacked”, said Eugen Dokukin.

DONi News Agency