Ukrainian General Staff assesses chances of obtaining US lethal weapons

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Viktor Muzhenko believes that Kiev has the prospect of obtaining US lethal weapons, all the lists of the expected samples were handed over and agreed.

"There is such a perspective (granting lethal weapons to Ukraine), all the lists (on the lethal weapons) have been agreed, all the procedural issues have been discussed, we expect only a political solution (in the White House),"he said in an interview with Ukrainian agency Ukrinform, published on Monday.

Muzhenko also said that during his trip to the United States, where he is now, he intends to discuss with the military leadership of this country the issue of expanding the format of cooperation.

"Now, there is a question regarding the possible expansion of cooperation in matters of strategic reform, namely, the introduction of changes in such structures as the General Staff, the Armed Forces, and in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine itself, with the aim of improving communications and acquiring corresponding opportunities not only at the operative, but also at a strategic level," summed up Muzhenko.

DONi News Agency