Ukrainian frontier officers fail to let woman with child pass boarder

Yesterday, on October 11, 2017, at the Mayorsk check-point the so-called Ukrainian frontier officers failed to let a woman with a child cross the border towards Artyomovsk locality’s direction. She was the last in the queue, and at 06:30 pm the barrier bar was demonstratively closed right in front of her, and a woman was forced to go back. The nearest locality, namely, the city of Gorlovka, was situated 3 kilometers away from the check point and no busses were on route at that late hour.

It is hard to find any excuse to justify such a treatment of a mother on the Ukrainian soldiers’ part. Apparently, it is an ordinary working situation: to force a woman with a child go through the “grey zone”, where the possibility of coming under the shelling is quite high. However, the artificial creation of such situations once more demonstrates that Ukraine does not consider peaceful citizens of Donbass to be full-fledged citizens of their country.

In this very case, the woman got to the DPR checkpoint, where she and her child stopped till morning. The DPR frontier service’s employees provided them security and all conditions needed for comfortable staying.

The DPR representatives and Russian Federation’s Armed forces representatives in the JCCC have repeatedly opened the question on Ukrainian side representatives’ behavior and their ignoring all the difficulties, civilian people face, crossing the contact line. Nevertheless, such situations are still quite common: children, women and senior citizens become victims of Ukrainian force’s despotism on the checkpoints.

DONi News Agency