Ukrainian forces shell two checkpoints – near Gorlovka and in Novoazovsk district

Ukrainian forces at night fired from mortars at the territory of the checkpoint Mayorsk in the north of Gorlovka. This was reported today by a source in the power departments of the DPR

"At half past two in the morning the Ukrainian military opened mortar fire at the checkpoint Mayorsk. From their positions, 18 mortar shells of 82-mm calibre were launched," the source said.

According to the source, there was no civil transport at the time of the shelling at the checkpoint, no information about the victims was received.

Also, the area of the checkpoint Ortyabr was hit by mortar shelling by Ukrainian forces in the evening, a spokesman for the Operational Command of the DPR informs.

"At about 7:00 pm, Ukrainian forces fired 120-mm mortar shells at Oktyabr village of the Novoazovsky district, and the district of the Oktyabr checkpoint turned out to be under fire," the spokesman said.

According to the representative of the Command, during the shelling at the checkpoint, there was civil transport, people had to hide under their cars.

Information about the victims was not received.

DONi News Agency