Ukrainian forces shell Right Sector’s positions near DFS

Today’s morning the Donetsk Water Filtering Station’s area underwent Ukrainian shelling when Ukrainian forces conducted provocative fire on the Right Sector’s gunmen positions, reports the DPR Operational Command. 

“On September 13th, at 11:17 am from the positions of the 72nd Ukrainian forces’ mechanized brigade a provocative shelling on the Right Sector’s positions in the DFS area was conducted. Right Sector’s gunmen mistook the AFU shelling for the shelling on the DPR part,” says the text of the statement. 

The republic’s Command underlined that at the moment of the provocative shelling the DPR Emergency Ministry’s employees, the OSCE SMM and JCCC representatives had been staying in the DFS area. 

“Ukrainian gunmen also conducted shelling at the localities of Krutaya Balka, Vasilyevka and Yakovlevka near Yasinovataya. The fire was conducted with 82 mm caliber mortars, various grenade launchers types and small arms,” added the Command’s representative. 

DONi News Agency