Ukrainian forces hire diversionists by internet advertisement

The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces hire future sabotage and reconnaissance specialists through the Facebook social network. It was discovered by the LPR State Security Service during the questioning of the soldier of the Eights Ukrainian SOF battalion, major Sergey Ivanchuk.

Ivanchuk was the member of the sabotage and reconnaissance group, neutralized by the LPR law enforcement service. The diversionists confessed they were involved in the murders of the DPR “Somali” battalion’s Commander, Mikhail Tolstikh with the call sign “Givi”, the LPR People’s Militia Head, colonel Anashenko and the DPR “Sparta” battalion’s Commander, Arsen Pavlov with the call sign “Motorola”.  

“We were taught shooting, firing proficiency, had the trainings in blasting engineering and special tactics, we were prepared as sabotage and reconnaissance group. Two hundreds of men were hired, but after the training only 30-40 were left. The requests were received through the internet. On Facebook, I believe, the special page was created, and any soldier, from our unit or from other battalions could send the request on the participation in this courses. The soldiers of our battalion, of the third Kirovogradsky battalion, Ochakovo and other battalions were taking part in the trainings,” said Ivanchuk.     

DONi News Agency