Ukrainian forces to get armed with Colt rifles

The Canadian company Colt Canada hopes to conclude an agreement with Kiev on the rearmament of the Ukrainian army with its assault rifles, the National Post edition writes.

The manufacturer, as reported, expects to supply Ukraine with up to 100,000 weapons. Representative of Colt Canada Alex Payne told the edition that a meeting with Ukrainian officials took place in January. These negotiations, according to Payne, laid the foundation for a process that could take up to two years. During this time, Kiev must determine the exact number and type of weapons necessary for the Ukrainian army.

The National Post recalls that in December 2017, the Government of Canada amended the law on the export of weapons, which now allows selling automatic weapons and other small arms to Ukraine.

Earlier, the US approved a plan to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, including 35 units of Javelin anti-tank missile launchers. President Pyotr Poroshenko said that Kiev expects to receive weapons from the United States in 2018.

Russia has repeatedly warned against plans to give Ukraine weapons as aid, since this step will only lead to an escalation of the Donbass conflict. As Dmitry Peskov, the Aide to the Russian president, has repeatedly stated, such supplies will not contribute to the settlement of the crisis in Donbass and the Minsk agreements' implementation.

The majority of European politicians spoke against the supply of arms to Ukraine. Thus, the former OSCE chairman, German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier called this step very risky and counterproductive.

DONi News Agency