Ukrainian Defense Minister states he ready to retire at any time

Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak has stated that he is ready to retire at any time due to detention of his deputy. 

On the eve, the Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau reported that Deputy Defense Minister and Director of Government Purchases Department were detained on a charge of spending more than 5,6 million dollars of state funds while purchasing fuel for the Defense Ministry.  

According to the Ukrainian mass media, law-enforcement officials detained Deputy Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Igor Pavlovsky and Government Purchases Department Director Vladimir Gulevich.

The President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko confirmed on Thursday that one of the detainees was Deputy Minister Pavlovsky.  

Answering a question put by journalists whether he intends to retire due to detention of his deputy, the Minister answered that he was ready for it at any time.

Poltorak pointed out that this detention was one of the most unpleasant cases for him.

DONi News Agency