Ukrainian defector leaks NATO instructors' data

Western instructors prepare 30-strong sabotage groups to be sent to the rear of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.

A sniper shooting instructor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who had taken the side of the Lugansk People's Republic, Vladimir Smaga, told the staff of the LPR Ministry of State Security.

"Foreign instructors from the USA, England and France are fighting on the Ukrainian side against Donbass civilians.

Western instructors have been engaged in training the Ukrainian military since 2015. These military are trained at the Yavorov and Zhitomir test ranges. The fighters are taught to conduct subversive and terrorist activities in Donbass.

After the training, ready-made 30-strong groups are sent to Donbass to practice the gained knowledge and skills," Vladimir Smaga said.

Notably, being redeployed to the Lugansk region, sabotage groups suffered heavy losses in real combat operations.

DONi News Agency