Ukrainian command forces soldiers into sabotage

The AFU Command forces military into renewing contracts with a view to prepare them for subversive activities in ​​the so-called ‘ATO’ zone, reported the Centre for Interaction with the Public under the LPR Interior Ministry.

"Hotline of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs received a call from a resident of Rovno, born in 1994, sergeant-contractor of the 53rd separate mechanized AFU brigade. According to him, even in the first six months of service, he was disappointed with the Ukrainian army, he witnessed several crimes by his fellow-soldiers. And he was looking forward to his contract’s end in May 2017 with a view to try his hand in the civil field. But on May 8 he was informed about his contract having been extended for another two years. The complainant never gave his consent to this. Along with that, since he does not smoke, does not drink alcohol and demonstrates particular advances in physical training, the command pushed the complainant for enrolling as a candidate for training instructors. The sergeant was given time to think until May 11 morning," the statement reads.

"Several other soldiers and sergeants of his unit, also fond of sports, received a similar ‘offer’. So far only one sergeant, openly sympathetic to neo-fascists, has given his consent. The others are afraid that sabotage and reconnaissance groups might be formed of them and cast ‘for slaughter’ in Donbass," the Centre’s statement says.

"According to the complainant, the courses are organized on the basis of the 197-th training centre for non-commissioned officers in Desna locality of the Chernigov region and will last three weeks. According to preliminary information, representatives of the California State National Guard will be in charge of the military students’ preparation. Attendants should arrive at the Centre already on May 15," informed the LPR Interior Ministry press service.

DONi News Agency