Ukrainian army has a price list for searching missing servicemen

Ukrainian marines and gunmen from the 72nd separate mechanized brigade came up with a price list for assisting families in search for their relatives reported missing, said the Vice-Commander of the DPR Operational Command.

“A sister of one of the missing Ukrainian servicemen, who was actually buried outside Krasnogorovka as we discovered, addressed the command of the 72nd brigade asking to indicate where exactly his grave was. The commander refused to help her denying the servicemen was dead, but others from the brigade said they could help her for 10 thousand hryvnias.”

Basurin said, such cases of ‘profiting on blood and health’ were not rare among Ukrainian servicemen in the war zone, some brigades have price lists for such services.

“In the 72nd separate mechanized brigade HQ prices vary from 5 to 15 thousand hryvnias, in the 36th separate marine brigade – up to 10 thousand, in the most prosperous regiment Azov prices are as high as 20 thousand hryvnias (760 USD)."

Ukrainian servicemen buried 20 bodies in an unmarked grave at Krasnogorovka cemetery; some of the bodies are those of soldiers who are officially listed as missing. Thd DPR reconnaissance has already reported that Ukrainian military authorities tried to conceal the real extent of the losses. In 2015 they even deployed mobile crematories to Donbass.

DONi News Agency