Ukrainian army’s shelling causes blackout in several DPR villages

The Ukrainian army opened fire at the southern region of the DPR yesterday evening, the residents of Sakhanka and Kominternovo villages remained without electricity, Sakhanka administration's head Igor Podgorny said today.

"Last night, at approximately 6 pm, as a result of shelling by the AFU, the power transmission line was damaged, the boiler room doesn't work. Now the inhabitants of the villages of Sakhanka and partially Kominternovo remain without light, and there is no gas in Kominternovo too. There are no suffered among the civilian population," said the head.

According to Podgorny, in this connection, a letter has been sent to the JCCC to ask for the presence of the OSCE monitors in the Novoazovsky district to monitor the situation and the possibility of carrying out restoration work.

DONi News Agency