Ukraine's Nazi party offers to raise OUN-UPA flag over Kiev 13 times a year

The nationalist party "Svoboda" proposed to raise the flag of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) over Kiev 13 times a year, the press service of the party reports.

The draft of the relevant decision has already been registered in the Chancellery of the City Council. Its authors are the deputies Vladimir Bokhnyak and Pyotr Kuzik.

According to the document, the red-black flag should be raised over the building of the Kiev City Council and District Councils on dates related to the "outstanding events" of the organization's activities.

In the list proposed by Bokhnyak and Kuzik, there are 13 dates, including Stepan Bandera's birthday, the day of OUN creation and the anniversary of the death of Roman Shukhevych, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

The draft decision also provides a recommendation to the heads of various Kiev enterprises and organizations to fly on their buildings the flag of the OUN on the approved days.

Svoboda Party and other Ukrainian nationalists glorify the activities of the OUN-UPA. It is known that the UPA fighters fought against the Soviet troops, collaborated with the Nazis and destroyed civilian civilians.

DONi News Agency