Ukraine's Ex-Interpol Chief admits AFU war crimes in Donbass

Ukraine commits war crimes using the army in Donbass, former head of the Ukrainian Interpol Bureau, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Kirill Kulikov, stated on air of the 112 TV channel. 

According to him, Kiev went into the use of troops against the civilian population without introducing martial law. 

"These are war crimes. We have not declared war, so why are the troops being used against people? That is, civilians are considered to live Donetsk and, according to international standards and international law, we do not have the right to use troops against civilians. If the war is declared, it is understandable when people are used who are called the army, have separate insignia, wear uniforms, carry weapons and so on. There is one side, the other side, there are conventions applied when troops are resorted to, and everything becomes clear. But what we have now is far beyond understanding," Kulikov said. 

DONi News Agency