Ukraine's currency depreciated by 15 times

During the years of independence, the national currency of Ukraine devalued 15 times. This was stated by the former Minister of Economy Viktor Suslov.

According to him, the depreciation of the hryvnia will only increase, therefore, the life of citizens will only worsen.

"We cannot sell much reserves, thus, we will have to devalue the hryvnia further. In this type of policy, we are constantly devaluing the hryvnia. This is the result of the liberal model. Compared with the rate that hryvnia had when it was introduced 21 years ago, during this time the hryvnia depreciated by 15 times. It will depreciate further and further. With each devaluation, there will be another inflation jump. This inflation will, of course, lead to deterioration in the living standards of citizens all the time, and then there will be a new devaluation. Ukraine now has no prospects in this regard," Suslov said.

DONi News Agency