Ukraine terror bombing civilians on holidays in Gorlovka - TV Report

Unfortunately, public holidays in Gorlovka haven’t been without shellings of the city by Ukrainian forces. Once again Zaitsevo locality in the Donetsk People's Republic sustained damage.

"On January 5, 2017 a direct shell-hit in an outbuilding was detected on Karbyshev St., 80. It caught fire as it was hit by an incendiary shell. The fire moved forward to Karbyshev St., 82, elderly people lived there. The owner of the house is a Great Patriotic War veteran. He is nearly incapable of walking already, can hardly move. My team and I set off to the site of fire itself, as it was burning very badly," said Irina Dykun, the acting head of Zaitsevo local administration under Gorlovka City Hall.

"We called out a fire-fighting brigade. It really came very quickly. Thus we saved, let us say, the houses. Otherwise the houses would have caught fire. The elderly man and woman were taken out from the premises, even though it was very difficult, the fire was very bad. Gas tanks were beginning to burn already,  thanks God a neighbour turned out to be an emergency worker, he sprang to his feet as well, and took those tanks out from that fire, Dykun continued. 

"Yesterday it wasn’t the first hit of a shell launched by the Ukrainian party. Since yesterday’s evening and till morning they were taking their toll each 30 minutes, just targeting the residential quarters," she said. 

Local residents cannot hold back their tears when telling about the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities.

"A ball was in the sky, of such a size, a red one. It fell immediately, and a fire burst out simultaneously in that direction. And it started spreading farther and farther, and brought such a result," said local resident, Nelya Dzyuba

Nelya Stepanovna considers that shellings take place because of Ukrainian military’s inadequate state. 

"They get drunk and start launching shells here to frighten us, as they will stay unpunished, since the West believes their story. They’d rather come and see, and this OSCE should come and stay here at least for a night. Just… Even if at my place, I would have prepared accommodation and beds, whatever, for them to lie and realize that they conduct such shellings every night", Dzyuba said.

The woman cannot understand the Ukrainian regime punishers’ cruelty towards Donbass land. 

"But, how is it possible?.. You also have mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandchildren. I cannot understand it… Those are not humans, but some devils," she said. 

The City Hall representatives came to the site of the shelling for damage assessment. 

"Today we saw another greeting from the Ukrainian army on the New Year and Christmas holidays. Last night Zaitsevo locality came under fire. A house was damaged on Karbyshev St., 80, but as we can see, shells hit the outbuildings. There burned down an outhouse and a garage. Thanks God, the house itself sustained no damage. A Great Patriotic War veteran, Dzyuba lives in the house. May God give health to this man, this veteran. It is the second war he faces in his life already. Of course, assistance will be rendered by the City Hall’s efforts," said Igor Gorbatov, the Deputy Head of Gorlovka City

Because of shellings, local residents have been deprived of power supply for more than a year already. The hope for peaceful life they associate with termination of the Ukrainian aggression only. 

TV report by: Svetlana Gaidar, Dmitry Beloded, Anton Timonin and Andrei Mashkov -The First Republican Channel / 1 Respublikansky

DONi News Agency