Ukraine tells when second prisoners’ exchange stage to take place

Ukrainian Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovskaya claimed, another prisoners’ exchange stage in Donbass may take place quite soon, although neither time, nor formula are known yet.

On Wednesday the greatest prisoners exchange for the Donabss conflict’s period had been carried out and the first for the last 15 months. 73 people were given to Kiev, the DPR and the LPR got correspondently 165 and 73 people. According to leader of the public movement “Ukrainian choice – people’s right”, Victor Medvedchuk, the second stage of the exchange may take place according to the scheme “74 to 29”.

“No one knows the formula right now. For this is the matter of negotiations. Concerning the fact that it may take place in the nearest future – that’s quite true. While preparing the exchange process we tried and tested a lot of procedures which will ease our life in future,” said Lutkovskaya.

According to her, the mechanism of prisoners’ verification was adjusted.

“Today I believe, the second stage will pass much easier and will more successful,” added the Ukrainian ombudsman.

DONi News Agency