Ukraine states desire of foreign missile defense systems deployment in country

Ukraine's Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchinov said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine that the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine is, above all, a political issue, since "the country needs, first and foremost, air defense systems."

"First of all, we are interested not just in some kind of weapons, but in military technologies and modern technologies that will raise Ukrainian weapons to a new qualitative level, and they will have no competitors at all," he told journalists on Tuesday in Kiev at the 14th international specialized exhibition "Arms and Security-2017".

"First of all, this concerns air defense. Really, we need new developments, reliable systems that will protect Ukraine from any aggression from the air, whether it be cruise missiles, be it Russian planes. This issue is topical, and we are working in this direction," the NSDC secretary added.

Turchinov also noted that Ukraine produces "effective anti-tank systems."

We note that on October 9, at the international arms show AUSA-2017 in Washington instead of "effective anti-tank complexes" Ukraine introduced APC-4 and a remotely controlled mini-armoured personnel carrier Phantom-2.

As for cooperation (with the US) in the matter of lethal weapons deliveries, in September, President Trump refused to supply his Ukrainian counterpart.

A few days later, the chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, Muzhenko, said that Canada would soon provide Ukraine with military assistance. However, Muzhenko voiced neither the date nor the volume of supplies.

Nevertheless, despite a formal refusal to provide lethal weapons, in August the US began construction of a naval base in Ochakov.

The US provides Ukraine with financial assistance for the needs of the army, as well as supply non-lethal weapons. In addition, American instructors, both from NATO and the United States, regularly conduct training courses and inspections for the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

DONi News Agency