Ukraine starts buying coal from Donbass through Russia – twice as expensive as before

Coal from the republics of Donbass is already supplied to the territory of Ukraine, but through Russia and at twice the price. This was stated by the former Minister of Economy Viktor Suslov.

According to him, only Ukraine is losing because of the blockade of Donbass.

"Look at the messages from our news agencies. "Unian" yesterday reported that the import of coal from Russia has sharply increased. And immediately they report that hundreds of wagons with coal went from Donetsk to Russia. We do not doubt that the same Donetsk coal went through Russia to Ukraine, but approximately twice as expensive. Ukraine will pay two times more for coal. Therefore, who won here, who lost, is quite obvious," Suslov said.

And the political analyst Vladimir Fesenko, close to the president, added that Ukraine could start official purchases of Donetsk coal under the guise of South African coal.

"Coal will have to be bought abroad. I do not exclude that, like with gas, it may not even be Russian, but Donetsk coal, the same Donetsk anthracite, but under the sign of South African coal - this has already happened before, and I do not exclude that it will happen again, and somebody will make money out of it," said Fesenko.

DONi News Agency