Ukraine shells Yasinovataya with poisonous, forbidden phosphorus [VIDEO]

The Ukrainian command, evidently, has passed to the final, outrageous round of waging bloody war against the Donbass people, as incendiary shells charged with phosphorus were applied in the nightly shelling of the Yasinovataya checkpoint and its vicinities, reported the Vice-Commander of the DPR Operational Command Eduard Basurin.  

"I would like to dwell upon the information from Yasinovataya locality inhabitants noting the fact that the Kiev terrorists use incendiary shells. Their dispersion and colour of fire are similar to ‘white phosphorus charges." 

The video proof, provided to the People's Militia Office, was attached to the ongoing investigation, the results of which are to be announced after a thorough inspection is held. The video clearly displays the direction from which incendiary phosphorus shells were being launched. 

According to the DPR Command, both burnt and unexploded bomb magazines are to be subjected to an expert examination.

DONi News Agency 

Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 04/01/2017

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