Ukraine risks running out of coal in winter due to sanctions against Russian Federation

Ukraine risks running out of coal in winter after the country has imposed sanctions against the Russian supplier of coal products "Yuzhtrans". This was stated on Monday by the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian choice - the right of the people" Viktor Medvedchuk.

"Kiev imposed sanctions against the largest supplier of anthracite from the Russian Federation. Having imposed a blockade of Donbass and imposing restrictions on deliveries from Russia, Ukraine risks being left without coal in the middle of winter, its acute deficit is alresdy felt today. Seems like we began to heavily sponsor the US coal industry?" Medvedchuk's words quoted on the website of the movement.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine imposed sanctions against 18 Russian companies on October 30 "for actions that could damage the interests of national economic security." The list of banned enterprises includes companies in the food industry, construction materials and equipment, as well as against the Russian company Yuzhtrans, which supplies the country with anthracite-deficient coal. The director of this enterprise, Andrey Ivankov, said that the sanctions imposed by Ukraine on the Russian coal supplier would have a negative impact on Ukrainian consumers, and the company would find new markets within Russia.

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, in the conditions of the Donbass blockade, in January-October the country increased import of coal and anthracite in money terms by 1.8 times compared to the same period last year - to $2.151 billion. Russia remains the main supplier (55.7%). The second place was taken by coal from the USA (25%, or $546.8 million), the third - from Australia (5.4%, or $116.4 million). From other countries, Ukraine imported coal for $289.8 million.

DONi News Agency