Ukraine recognized as the poorest country in Europe

Ukrainian experts have compiled a list of the poorest countries in Europe, recognizing their own country as the leader of anti-rating. Relevant data are published on the website of the analytical center

As a criterion, experts chose the level of salaries, having studied the earnings of residents of European countries after paying taxes. It turned out that in Ukraine this amount is the lowest - 190 euros. The second and third places are occupied by Moldova (216 euros) and Azerbaijan (232 euros).

The top ten poorest countries also include Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia as the income of the population.

The highest average wage, according to the data of the center, is fixed in Switzerland - 4,421 euros, a little less in Iceland and Norway - 3,440 and 3,405 euros, respectively.

Analysts placed Russia in the middle of the rating, noting that the average level of income in the country after taxes is 474 euros. 

DONi News Agency