Ukraine MPs help 70 Inter TV channel employees out of center blocked in Kiev

Due to interference of Ukrainian parliamentarians, employees of Inter TV channel have managed to leave the center’s building in Kiev blocked by radical activists who accuse them of pro-Russian views.

The building is blocked by radically-minded activists from the Donbass, Aidar and St. Mary’s battalions.

"About 70 employees of the blocked Inter TV channel left the territory of the TV center at 19:30 with the help of people’s deputies. Police have unblocked the exit to let the people out," says an official statement of the TV channel.

"People blocking the TV channel were shouting abuse and threatened" the people as they were leaving, it said.

On Sunday, September 4, about 20 unidentified persons in camouflage uniforms pitched tents near one of the Inter buildings in Kiev. They were chanting slogans, accusing the TV employees of pro-Russian views. The protesters started burning tires at the main entrance to the building.

Later, they broke into the building, where set the TV studio on fire. Police first arrested eight suspects of arson, but then they were set free with administrative protocols issued, reports TASS.

At the moment, several dozen protesters, blocking the entrance to the building, have declared their action indefinite. They have brought to the building car tires and have been heard speaking about plans to set Intera’s central building on fire.

DONi News Agency