Ukraine to hold target practice with anti- aircraft system “Buk” on Crimea border

Ukrainian Defence Ministry is to hold the target practice with anti- aircraft system “Buk M-1” in the Herson region, near the Crimea border in 2017, reports the defence agency’s representative Dmitry Gutsuliak.

The practice will take place at the “Yagorlik” range, added Gutsuliak. The date of the target practice was not specified.

Apart from it Ukrainian troops, armed with anti-air mount C-300, will take part in international military drill Saber Guardian – 2017 at the “Shabla” range in Bulgaria, where also the target practice are to take place, added the Defence Minister.

At the beginning of December, Ukraine held the medium-range anti-aircraft missile C- 300 testing on the Crimea boarder. Firstly, Kiev declared that the target practice would affect the Russian territorial waters, but after the Moscow protest, moved them to the open sea.   

DONi News Agency