Ukraine claims responsibility for murdering 'Motorola'

An act of terrorism concerning lift explosion in a residential house in Donetsk City that resulted in death of the DPR 'Sparta' Battalion Commander Arsen 'Motorola' with his security guard was organized by Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada MP, Nazi Igor Mosychuk has stated this on the air of the '112' TV Channel. 

According to him, he personally knows a person who fulfilled an order to liquidate 'Motorola'. 

“I'm  claiming that I know for sure, can't call surnames, that 'Motorola' was liquidated by Ukrainians and the Kremlin has no relevance to this..... I have stated this several times already that he ('Motorola') was liquidated by Ukrainians. It's obvious I can't call surnames,” pointed out Mosychuk. 

It should be noted that a legendary commander Arsen Pavlov perished on October 16 last year in the explosion in the lift of the house where he lived  in Donetsk City.

DONi News Agency