Ukraine builds concentration camps for Donbass residents

According to the information received, militants of the Right Sector radical group are to "guard" prisoners inside the camp.

A representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from the front-line settlement in the occupied part of Donbass called the DPR hotline and informed that the supreme authorities had ordered him and his colleagues from other cities to find a place for organizing the construction of a filtration camp (at the request of the informer, the city name and the police unit where he is serving are not indicated).

"We understand here, of course, what this will mean for the population on the other side. Neither I nor my colleagues in Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Volnovakha doubt that the Right Sector will be engaged not in protection. I have relatives in Donetsk and Makeнevka. I was born there, grew up, my mother was buried there. Then, when all this began, I left to serve in Ukraine. It's just incomprehensible. What Russian occupation of Donbass can it be about when such orders are issued? This is a very large-scale campaign, it involves not only our structure (the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – ed.) I know for sure that the SBU is also working on this project and very intensively. But they have slightly different tasks," the applicant said.

According to the informant it became known that under the "filtration measures" there fall all men aged 15-65 and all suspicious women. A special unit of the National Guard of Ukraine is allocated to protect the outer perimeter of such a camp. Members of the Right Sector extremist organization, banned in the DPR territory, will be used to ensure protection and order inside.

"We are already very actively preparing for this. In our department, operational workers’ tables are already piled with personal files of local separatists (persons supporting the People's Republics of Donbass – ed.). Last time it was the same. The so-called preventive cleansing is planned to be held among the local population. So far, I only know that these measures are being prepared in Starobelsk, Lisichansk, Artemovsk and Severodonetsk," the applicant said.

At the moment, the information obtained by the law enforcement authorities of the DPR is being checked. The data received by the Hotline operators have been entered in the Register of Appeals.

DONi News Agency