Ukraine attacks in Donbass together with NATO soldiers and arms

The Ukrainian army attempted a breakthrough last night  at 1 pm with a 40-man reconnaissance team in the vicinity of Debaltsevo close to the Kalinovka village in Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). Earlier on Sunday the Chief of LPR People`s Militia Office, Colonel Oleg Anashenko told about notable size of western mercenaries and military servicemen, who are taking directly part in the Ukrainian military actions.

By the Lugansk Defense Ministry information, soldiers from 5 western NATO-countries (Poland, Canada, Hungary, Slovakia and Britain) are taking now part in the military actions in Donbass. Ukrainian troops are also armed with some new US weaponry.

"Also the facts are known of enhancing of activities of foreign mercenaries and instructors on the territory controlled by AFU (Ukrainian forces). Over the mentioned period the presence was recorded of military experts from Canada, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Thus, a convoy came to Lisichansk of military vehicles including 15 sand-colored «Hummers» and six APC-80. It`s possible that the other group of mercenaries has arrived for the further provocations", Anashenko said.

News update at 15:53: Fighting ongoing all along contact line in Debaltsevo area

"Ukraine continue deteriorating the situation in Donbass by redeploying weapons, including that prohibited by the Minsk agreements near the contact line", the LPR defence official said.

"In the area of Schastye, on the territory of one of military objects the group was located of English-speaking servicemen-instructors consisting of 30 people," Anashenko said. "There is an information that these instructors are current servicemen of Great Britain. It became known that the detachments of 24 AFU brigade received mine shells « Claymore» made in the U.S.", he continued.

Ukraine attacked soon after information was released

Ten Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attack near Debaltsevo, 20 were wounded. Two LPR militiamen were injured and two are missing.

“On December 18, at 1 p.m. the enemy attempted to break through LPR defense in Kalinovka village area from Luganskoye township direction. They intensified the shelling trying to provoke aggression. A reconnaissance group advanced, supported by artillery fire. Thanks to coordinated actions of LPR militia and thanks to commanders' competence LPR People's Militia managed to stop the enemy advance and make them retreat," the LPR militia press service said.

According to intelligence reports, Ukrainian Armed Forces commanders were drunk.

The main attempt of offensive was made by a unit of Ukraine’s Armed Forces consisting of some 40 people with military hardware near the Kalinovka settlement. The attack was carried out with the support of mortars and artillery weapons from which more than 150 shells were fired at the people’s militia positions, an official told the LuganskInformCenter.

DONi News reporter, Vittorio Rangeloni, spent the night at LPR`s positions in Debaltsjevo. He reported that the shelling lasted for the whole night, with only 10 minute breaks. Rangeloni described a gruesome scene at the battlefield, with bodies still lying on the ground. He said the LPR militiamen are anticipating a new attack.

DONi News Agency

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