Ukraine’s main Nazi promises to disrupt Victory Day Celebration in Kiev and Odessa

Ukraine’s radicals are preparing for counteracting celebration of the Victory Day in Ukraine. 

“Thus, Andrei Biletsky, the Head of ‘Azov’ and ‘National Corps’ stated in an interview with 112 Channel that if the police kept indulging anti-Ukrainian movement (in such a way he called events in Odessa on April 10), civil confrontation would begin in Ukraine,” the Kiev E-Newspaper ‘Strana’ (Country) reports. 

“I’m quite sure that Odessa encouraged everybody and we will see a sabbat in Odessa on May 2, will observe it in the east on May 9 and even in Kiev on May 9, but in Ukraine there are many young people who will prevent this,” threatens Biletsky.  

The activists of the National Corps rifled a tomb of Kiev’s liberator Nikolay Vatutin the other day. 

DONi News Agency