Ukraine’s Cabinet adopts Donbass combatant’s status deprivation order

According to the document, the grounds for the withdrawal of the status of a participant in hostilities are the following: "the conviction that entered into legal force for committing a deliberate grave or especially grave crime by a person participating in an anti-terrorist operation [the military operation in Donbass – ed.]; revelation of unreliable information on participation in an anti-terrorist operation, ensuring its conduct or submission of false information about a participant; and submission by a person of an application for deprivation of his status of a participant in hostilities."

In mid-April, 2014, Kiev announced the launch of an "anti-terrorist operation" in Donbass, in which the so-called volunteer battalions formed from of the Euromaidan and Right Sector activists took an active part. Massive bombardments of residential quarters, including the use of aviation, led to a large-scale humanitarian disaster in the region and the death of thousands of people.

As of August 8, 2017, 306,199 servicemen, who had fought in Donbass, received the status of a participant in hostilities.

DONi News Agency