UK troops arrive: NATO boosting military occupation of Estonia

First wave of UK troops have arrived to Estonia. Military troops from the United Kingdom's 5th Battalion arrived at the Amari Air Base in Harjumaa in northern Estonia to set up a UK headquarters inside the Baltic country. This was reported by Ruptly TV.

The 120 soldiers are the first of a total of 800 UK troops to be deployed in Estonia for NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence operation which, according to UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, is aimed at deterring "Russian aggression." The troops will join around 200 US soldiers already stationed in Estonia and will be joined by additional Danish and French soldiers.

In the coming weeks, additional British troops will be dispatched. A French contingent is also due, accompanied by tanks, reconnaissance drones and infantry fighting vehicles to form a 1,200-strong detachment. 

The soldiers are based 130 kilometers (80 miles) from the Russian border and are scheduled to operate in the former Soviet country for five years. 

NATO's forces in Estonia are just one of four multinational battalion-size battle groups which the alliance started positioning earlier this year in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland on a rotational basis. The “defensive” measures were agreed during the NATO-Warsaw summit in July, wrote the RT News.

These units — led by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and the United States, along with their military hardware — are NATO’s biggest deployment of troops along Russian borders since the end of the Cold War. The battalions are set to become fully operational by June.

DONi News Agency

According to: RUPTLY TV [Video]