Trump cancels US warship’s call to Poroshenko’s harbour

The port call of the US guided missile destroyer Laboon to Odessa, which was to take place on February 16, was cancelled.

“A big traditional guest-night was planned to take place on its board on February 17. But at the last moment, the command of the 6th fleet of the USA cancelled the visit... they had some urgent business in the Mediterranean Sea,” reports the local newspaper “Dumskaya” with reference to a source in the headquarters of the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

Russian military analyst Vlad Shurygin believes that the plans’ revision by the United States Navy is connected to the political changes in the USA.

“It is an evident sign that America is reconsidering its relations with Ukraine. Because under Obama’s rule it was simply impossible. Any ship that appeared in the Black Sea had to visit Ukraine ritually, show the flag and demonstrate the Atlantic support. And now the ship moved this and that way a little in the Black Sea – and left. And the Ukrainian beautiful girls can only wave it off,” said Shurygin.

DONi News Agency