Training flights of Ukrainian combat aircraft detected in Donbass

The Ukrainian military carry out training aviaflights in Donbass, stated the official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Andrey Marochko.

"Since November 3 local residents of the Novoaidarsky district have been recording daily flights of two front combat aircraft SU-25. It is known that planes take off from Severodonetsk locality to Novoaidar locality, the route is held along the contact line," said Marochko.

According to the People’s Militia, flights are intended for training pilots’ skills of flying in the conditions closer to the combat ones.

"The situation in the zone of responsibility of the LPR People’s Militia remains tense… The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue violating conditions of military equipment’s stationing near the contact line provided by the Minsk Agreements and also continue stepping up fighting capacity of their units in the ‘ATO’ zone," added Marochko.

According to him, near the locality of Krymskoye, at distance of 3 km from the contact line the LPR intelligence detected two batteries of self-propelled artillery installations from the 24th brigade of the AFU.

"Also, according to our data, near the locality of Petrenkovo of the Novoaydarsky district there is deployed one tactical Tochka-U missile system," said the speaker.

DONi News Agency