Torn flag in western Ukraine to be last straw for Hungary

The Ukrainian radicals crossed the line in bad times and heated the situation on the 'Western Front' to the limit. Sometimes there is an impression that the Ukrainian Nazis are the very 'agents of the Kremlin' or experts secretly working for Hungary. Well, it is impossible to strike the Ukraine again and again so accurately and in right time, calling oneself its loyal patriot (this statement does not concern the Kiev reformers), even if one is a 'ripped' in the head idiot. As you know, shortly before, Ukrainian nationalists from the All-Ukrainian Svoboda Union and the Carpathian Sich group organized a big debauch in the center of Beregove, where ethnic Hungarians live.

The radicals celebrated the day of the creation of their group, and at the same time in full voice threatened the Hungarians of Transcarpathia. The Nazis called at the mayor's office, as they did not like the peculiar assortment of flags on the city council building (flags of Ukraine, Hungary, Beregovo and the European Union were fixed there). The Hungarian flag made the radicals furious, and they tore it to shouts and hoots. One of the leaders of the 'herd' already wanted to ritually burn the flag, but then the inactive police intervened and almost prevented an international scandal. Naturally, law enforcers did not detain anyone as it would get worse.

The 'best' representatives of the titular nation are still in good standing in Ukraine and one can be deprived of the rank for excess activity. However, Budapest is greatly upset with the loyal behaviour of the law enforcers. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó put forward a note of protest against Kiev and demanded to immediately find and punish the perpetrators of the vandalism, despite the fact that it was prevented in time.

The Foreign Minister also stressed that this would never be allowed to happen in a normal European country. At the same time, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, promised Ukraine a lot of conflicts. In an interview with the Ukrainian edition of the "European Truth" Orban recalled that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine intended to consider in the near future at least three contentious issues: on citizenship, on language use and on restitution. Adoption of these bills will only exacerbate the confrontation between Ukraine and Hungary, which, in turn, will try to kick Kiev out of Europe, despite the fact that Ukrainians have not seen it properly yet.

Orban delivered an ultimatum and openly demanded to abandon dangerous legislative initiatives. At the same time, the radicals make a debauch in Berehove, provoking a harsh reaction of the Hungarian Foreign Minister. Ukraine is being quite technically 'kicked' and ready to fall to the ground. According to some Ukrainian experts, the incident with the flag may become the last straw and make Hungary move to active operations in Transcarpathia.

Szijjártó gave Ukraine its last chance with a demand for an investigation, knowing well that the law enforcers would again bring everything from the brakes. When Budapest is convinced that no one understood its message, the Hungarians will literally shove their torn flag to Ukraine's throat when they begin to 'rescue' of their compatriots in Transcarpathia.

DONi News Agency