Timoshenko admits Ukraine’s living standards fall by 4 times after EuroMaidan

Ukraine is at the bottom of the list of post-Soviet countries in terms of GDP, the leader of the Batkivshchyna party ("Fatherland") Yuliya Timoshenko stated on 112 TV channel.

"Unfortunately, Ukraine is ranked last in terms of GDP per capita among all of the post-Soviet countries. And you know that this is an integrated indicator that speaks about the standard of people’s living in Ukraine. It is measured in dollars per capita. Ukraine occupies the last place today...

In 2008, the nominal GDP per capita, that is when I was the prime minister, made 8 thousand dollars per capita. And this was one of the first results among the CIS countries. And today it is 2 thousand dollars per capita... GDP per capita has fallen by four times, and, in fact, this is the standard of living of people," Timoshenko said.

DONi News Agency