Three years after: Remains of the MH17 still on site, questions without answers [VIDEO]

On the eve of the third anniversary of the MH17 crash tragedy, we came back to Grabovo (in the East of the Donetsk People's Republic) with colleagues of News Front and Patrick Lancaster to interview witnesses and verify if all the remains of the plane and the victims have been taken back to the Netherlands by the JIT.

One of the direct witnesses of the tragedy was a teenager, who described to us what he saw :

“I was at the river when heard an explosion and a loud clap. I looked at the sky and the Boeing appeared there after around 10 seconds. It was circling in the air and then fell into three parts over there, I cannot tell the exact distance to that site.”

Questioned about the presence of other aircraft near the MH17, the witness did not see other plane around at this moment, but he confirmed that at the period of the crash, Ukrainian jet fighters were flying over this area almost every day. Which put into doubt the Ukrainian statements about the fact that their jet fighters were not flying over this area this day.

And it is not the only question left about the investigation on this case. The presence of remains of the MH17 on the field, and in the warehouse nearby, three years after, is quite shocking, and one can wonder why the JIT did not clean everything properly, and take everything back to the Netherlands.

Even worse, we found in the warehouse a small bone which has to be analyzed to determine if it is a human one, seven months after Dutch journalists found a human bone in the same warehouse, and asked the JIT to take back all the remains which are still on site.

The remains of the MH17 and of the victims, as well as the truth, do not seem to be a priority for the international investigation committee.

Christelle Neant, DONi Press French correspondent

DONi News Agency

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